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    • 空间续费,加上ssl连接。。

      2018-11-22 01:04

    • 12.10.xC6出来时候碰到"Could not determine encryption mode from page zero",竟果然是BUG!

      2015-12-21 20:15

    • 空间已经转移到新加坡,希望会好一些。

      2015-11-16 14:34

    • 增加新域名,与liaosnet.com同指向。

      2015-10-09 15:25

    • 空间迁移到香港。或许速度会快一点。。

      2014-02-13 20:10

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    Informix noncommercial Fix Packs

    暗夜星空's Memory from Dec 8 , 2015 at 13:14 PM , under Category:数据库动态
    This article describes Informix noncommercial Post Interim Drop (PID) and Patch release Fix Packs, and their testing and maintenance status.

    An Informix noncommercial release Fix Pack in Fix Central is an interim solution to one or more reported product defects. An Informix noncommercial release Fix Pack will receive maintenance and support by the IBM Data Management Technical Support team in accordance with the IBM Lifecycle policy. However, IBM recommends that you upgrade to a commercially released product which includes the defect fix(es) you require when available. Technical Support will attempt to address any new problems you may encounter as a result of using this product version, but IBM cannot guarantee that any new problem you find as a result of using this product version will be addressed in an upcoming commercial release. 

    Post Interim Drop (PID) releases
    PIDs are thoroughly tested, cumulative releases based off of the latest quality assured Fix Pack version. PID releases are versioned with a trailing ‘W’ (for example, 11.50.xC8W4). Each subsequent PID builds on the one before until the codeline ultimately becomes the next commercial Fix Pack release. Therefore, if a defect fix is included in W1, it will be in all subsequent PID releases as well as the next Fix Pack unless the fix itself introduces problems.

    If a customer reported defect is not fixed in an orderable commercial Fix Pack release, a Post Interim Drop (PID) release should be obtained if available.

    See the Fix List document for the Post Interim Drop release for more information about the product defects addressed by this kind of Fix Pack.

    Patch releases
    A software patch release is intended to address a specific reported problem or problems. Patch releases are versioned with a trailing ‘X’ (for example, 11.50.xC8X7). Such a product has received available defect fix verification testing and limited quality assurance testing. Accordingly, IBM advises that you perform additional testing with all other appropriate products and applications prior to deployment of a fix on your production system. 

    See the description in Fix Central or the readme file shipped in the patch release Fix Pack download file for more information about the product defects addressed by the Fix Pack. 

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